Simply put, this building is not the church, it is where the church gathers. The church is not a place, it's a group of people committed to following the ways of Jesus. As such, this building just serves as a hub that facilitates the church's communal and missional efforts in the city and beyond.


When we started Image Church the goal was not to launch a weekend experience but to foster a gospel movement that would impact the world around us. Jesus shows us that following Him means loving God and loving our neighbor. Throughout the book Acts, as the church is established, it is evident that God created the church not only as the vehicle that carries the message of the gospel but also as the vehicle that lives out the ministry of the gospel. We want this to be true of us.


For that to happen we have to holistically apply the restorative nature of the gospel in the way we engage our city. This means moving from a historically event-driven approach that’s centered around getting people to a building once a week, to a hub-based approach where buildings serve as tools to facilitate empowering environments throughout the week.


A hub-based approach is where our building serves as a space for missions and ministry in a way that fosters restoration, community development, and community engagement. What emerges, is a gospel impact that goes beyond what we can accomplish at the weekly gathering and other "church" events. This also best stewards the resources of the church, and better disciples our people toward what the church is really about.


2053 Franklin Way SE, Suite 100
Marietta, GA 30067