Our 3 Areas of Impact

1. Spiritual - we are committed to seeing individuals brought into a right relationship with God.

2. Educational - we are committed to learning and development both in the classroom and on the job front. 

3. Physical - We are committed to helping provide the many needs of life that impact the ability to live in a sustainable way.

Community Bible Study

Every Saturday, we have the opportunity to engage our neighbors in proximity to Image Church. Each week kids from the community and their families are invited to share a meal together, and after the meal, the kids are invited to participate in a Bible Study. This is a great opportunity to build connections and relationships with our neighbors who live right around Image. If you are interested in joining or learning more about this ministry team, let us know by clicking below!

Become a Responder and help meet physical needs of vulnerable children and families in Cobb County. CarePortal allows us as a church not only to meet a tangible need that a family in our community has but to begin building a meaningful relationship in the process. Sign up to become a Responder HERE! To learn more about what CarePortal is and how it works, check out this short video.

After-School Program through Proximity516

Proximity516 is based on Matthew 5:16, which says; Let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven. Proximity516 exists to strengthen and empower families to overcome poverty and experience healing and restoration in all areas that lead to flourishing families.

Our first priority is to launch an after-school program built around 4 key elements. 

  1. 1. Provide a Fun and engaging environment for students after school 
  2. 2. Emphasizing Education is important to long-term success and stability 
  3. 3. Foster a strong Spiritual foundation that is essential to wholistic flourishing 
  4. 4. Create Exposure through experiences to help students cultivate a vision for their future


If you are interested in working with students around tutoring and mentoring, let us know HERE

Bryson Moon